East Central Illinois Community Action Agency

"Helping People, Changing Lives"

Providing Comprehensive Service to Preschool Children since 1966

girl jumping over blocks

More than 10,000 preschoolers have participated in our Agency's early childhood education services in the past thirty-five years. Not only do we provide classroom based education and socialization activities, we also provide comprehensive medical, dental, nutrition, and developmental screenings and interventions for all children. The child's family also receives services in the form of a comprehensive ten-area self-sufficiency scale, from which the family develops goals for their future. Agency staff then works with the family towards accomplishing their goals.

We have classrooms in Danville, Westville, Hoopeston, Watseka, Gilman, Paxton, and Gibson City; we currently serve more than 500 children each year. Our experienced faculty individualizes services for each child to maximize the learning experience. If you know a child who might benefit from our services, or if you would like to volunteer in one of our classrooms, please let us know.

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To find out more about the national Head Start program, follow this link: Head Start National Information